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ASME NM.1 analysis for plastic pipes

ASME released ASME NM.1 for thermoplastic piping systems. It is handy for stress analysis of plastic pipes (PVC, CPVC, HDPE. PE, ...) compared to ASME B31.3. It will be beneficial if Autopipe includes this code as an option for analysis.
17 days ago in AutoPIPE / Code 3 Planned

Vessels during transport

In the case of horizontal vessels, it must be possible to lock both sadles in order to carry out a correct calculation under transport conditions (taking into account longitudinal acceleration on both sadles).
8 days ago in AutoPIPE Vessel 0 Needs review

Weld dimension on brackets and lifting accessories

It should be possible to impose a weld bead dimension in the "brackets and lifting accessories" masks. This value is set at 0.7 x the minimum thickness of the shell or wear plate. In the case of large thicknesses, this results in an unfeasible wel...
8 days ago in AutoPIPE Vessel 0 Needs review

Add a toggle button in segments grid to apply a transparency visual plot

Working with existing or future segments in large systems, it would be great to have a option to change their segments plot (like adding transparency). Something similar to older software like Triflex (see attached image).
22 days ago in AutoPIPE / UI 2 Future consideration

Do not display the "Equivalent beam model" paragraph in the calculation report (wind, earthquake, ... calculations)

It would be useful for users to have the option of not displaying the “Detailed characteristics of the equivalent beam model” paragraph in the calculation report when a wind/seismic analysis is performed. Indeed, in "Vessel properties", tab "Repor...
29 days ago in AutoPIPE Vessel 0 Needs review

Flange Analysis - report Axial force and Bending moment values

Currently the Flange Analysis output report does not print the Axial force and Bending moment input values used in the calculations. Suggest output report subsection " 1.5 PRESSURE & TEMPERATURE LOADS:" be renamed to "1.5 Load" and expanded to...
about 1 month ago in AutoPIPE / Reporting 0 Planned

Nozzle loads on supports

When it is added local loads for nozzles, these loads should be taken in consideration for the support calculation and fundation loads considering the location and orientation of nozzle, for example, Nozzle A located on top head has local loads su...
23 days ago in AutoPIPE Vessel 0 Needs review


On many occasions, we find horizontal vessels that can be suspended from the ceiling. saddles should be able to be placed on the top of the equipment and should be calculated in traction and not compression.
12 days ago in AutoPIPE Vessel 0 Needs review

Add spanish wind code CTE DB-SE-AE for

For projects in Spain, engineering companies request the Spanish wind code CTE DB-SE-AE. The Spanish wind code that is implemented in autopipe vessel is old.
12 days ago in AutoPIPE Vessel 0 Needs review

add user define on spring "hot load input" and let the program design spring rate, Cold load and variation checking

No description provided
12 days ago in AutoPIPE / Analysis 0 Needs review